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Cobble Walk

Opening 1 Jan -

With much excitement we will be launching the pre-sales of our newest Zone Fitness branch Cobble Walk Shopping Center


We are pleased to announce the opening of our 11th Club in the Trade Route Mall in Lenasia, JHB. This is also our 2nd club in Gauteng.

Life Centre

Zone Fitness Life Centre, opened on 2 Jan 2007. It is situated at 45 Commissioner Street Johannesburg CBD. This is also our first club in Gauteng.

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Movember: Coming to a "local" face near you

With only a few short weeks untl the start of Movember - where men once again take up the challenge to grow a moustache after starting clean shaven on 01 Movember - upper lips across the country are already twitching in anticipation. 


Henry Cavill Superman Workout & Diet

It takes a certain calibre of actor to play Superman, The Man of Steel, the most powerful SuperHero in the universe, those are some pretty big red boots that need to be filled, that’s where Henry Cavill comes in.

The High/Low Workout Program

If you’re looking to build muscle – especially if you’ve always been one of those people who adds muscle slowly – this plan is for you. Not only that, I’ve noticed my fat burning potential has spiked while on this plan.  This isn’t too surprising as we know adding muscle does wonders for your metabolism and fat loss.

The beauty of this muscle-building workout program is that it works so freaking effectively for ANYONE

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You're surrounded by happy, healthy people in a space who are totally focused on positivity and team spirit – who wouldn't want to work at Zone Fitness?

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