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Opening 1 Sep -

Our latest addition to our JHB branches is opening in the Sancardia Shopping Center, Pretoria this year


Zone Fitness Wynberg is situated at  in the heart of Main Rd Wynberg.  Whether you are a student or a business person, the vibey atmosphere will get your heart and body pumping.

Life Centre

Zone Fitness Life Centre, opened on 2 Jan 2007. It is situated at 45 Commissioner Street Johannesburg CBD. This is also our first club in Gauteng.

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Chris Hemsworth Workout and Diet for Thor

Chris Hemsworth has recently donned the mantle of superhero and Norse god of thunder Thor in the recent Marvel Blockbuster of the same name.  In order to fit the role and fill the boots and costume of not only a superhero but also a god, Chris needed to undergo a workout routine that was going to transform him into a god.

Healthy Veggie Fave Fritters

Make veggies the show piece of your meal with this delicious and heart healthy Veggie Fritters

The Most Hated (and Effective) Workout in the World

Ask 100 people what their least favorite exercise is and I guarantee you, 99.99999 of them are going to say burpees.  This clearly wasn’t a scientific study, but I think you get the idea.  Burpees have long been regarded as one of the most hated exercises in any gym.

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You're surrounded by happy, healthy people in a space who are totally focused on positivity and team spirit – who wouldn't want to work at Zone Fitness?

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