fitness-tipsDon't eat within two hours of bed

fitness-tipsSleep is as important as exercise

fitness-tipsNo fizz drink; water or fruit juice

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Opening 1 Dec -

With much excitement we launched the pre-sales of our newest Zone Fitness branch at the beginning of August.


Zone Fitness Wynberg is situated at  in the heart of Main Rd Wynberg.  Whether you are a student or a business person, the vibey atmosphere will get your heart and body pumping.

Life Centre

Zone Fitness Life Centre, opened on 2 Jan 2007. It is situated at 45 Commissioner Street Johannesburg CBD. This is also our first club in Gauteng.

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Jason Momoa Workout and Diet for Conan

Jason Momoa has always been a big guy at 6foot 5inches and playing muscular warrior characters meant that the Hawaiian has had to stay in pretty good shape and look after his body. Momoa’s previous roles have included Ronon Dex in Stargate and more recently the undefeated warrior Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, but his most recent outing as the legendary Conan the Barbarian meant that he had to pack on an extra 25 pounds of muscle to live up to the legendary name of Conan previously played by an in his prime Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Chicken Pittas

A healthy handful of yumminess.

Burn Fat Fast by Multiplying the Power of Your Workouts

Before you go out and do another workout this afternoon (because I know that’s what you all are going to be doing) I want you to stop right there.  I’m serious about this one. For many of you, you’ve been leaving a lot on the table as far as your workouts go.  I’m not talking about not giving it your, no…I’m talking about not doing a couple of little things that can literally boost the effects of your workout by 50%!

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You're surrounded by happy, healthy people in a space who are totally focused on positivity and team spirit – who wouldn't want to work at Zone Fitness?

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